Be proud, not just grateful

I get the whole “attitude of gratitude”. I get that we need to thankful and feel blessed. I get that sometimes as women we feel unworthy or maybe even a bit embarrassed about something good happening to us, hence we turn to words like gratitude and blessed to describe our good fortune.

But we can also allow ourselves to feel proud of the accomplishment.

And sometimes as women we struggle a bit to say how proud we are of ourselves.

A year or so ago, I had the opportunity to put together a bunch of podcasts, where we I spoke to small business owners about how they got started, the challenges they faced, and the best parts of being self-employed.

It was a fantastic project and in my top five career-wise. And I’m not blessed nor grateful for its terrific outcomes.

I’m proud. I worked bloody hard on that project. It was an idea that had been unable to find traction and I was brought in to make it happen. One of my favourite things to do - make things happen.

The final product was great, and really well received. So I’m proud.

Likewise my daughter, without question my greatest accomplishment in life. She’s a 26 year old women who is moving comfortable in her own skin, setting her own agenda and defying societal norms.

She’s travelled the world extensively as a humanitarian, volunteers with her church endlessly, radiates sunshine on the greyest of days and hugs you like she’ll never let you go. She’s phenomenal. Just one of the greatest people on earth and without question my favourite human.

I’m proud of her. I’m not blessed to have a daughter who is independent, and I’m not grateful to have a daughter who travels on the coordinates of her own map.

I’m proud. I raised her to think freely, to avoid conforming, be courageous and to follow her heart. She’s doing exactly that, and I’m proud.

It’s ok to be grateful but it’s also ok to be proud.

And please, just ask yourself this - how many males do you see posting to instagram with #sograteful ??